Mayor's Message


Written by Maragondon on .

SM Rosario is now accepting payments for Ombudsman Clearance. Those who will secure such clearance can directly transact at SM Rosario, free from the hassle of going to the Office of the Ombudsman in Quezon City.
SM will charge One Hundred Fifty Pesos(P150.00) per clearance exclusive of the fees required by the Office of the Ombudsman.

P100 - for retirement purposes, rationalization, resignation and death claims
P150.00 - for employment, promotion, transfer, appointment, confirmation, discharge, foreign assignment and grant of benefits unrelated to the preceding purpose
P200.00 - for foreign travel, foreign assignment, study grant/scholarship, recognition/awards, leave application, loan application, change of name, and as part of other documentary requirements
P500.00 - for permit to carry firearms, fidelity bond and bidding requirement
P1,000.00 - for firearm licenses
Clearer and faster services for you from Mayor Rey A. Rillo in coordination with SM Rosario.